On March 8, 2020, different members of Public Voices participated in the protests and the strike for International Women’s Day. Since different corners of Latin America (in Switzerland, registration was limited by restrictions imposed due to COVID-19) we register the voices, the chants, the screams and whispers of the feminist tide. Here we show the diverse experiences in Asunción, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Lima, Santiago de Chile and Montevideo.


I breath.The march was postponed one day, the 8M was for the first time in several years a day of strikeand introspection. Anyway I chose to go out, but this time go out alone, to walk. I walked with my recorder through the Congress Square empty of people, I arrived at the Plaza de Mayo, and from there to my house. The 9M was accompanying a friend to the vet with her catand I realized at the last minute that I had no battery or memory for the recorder and no longer had time to return, so I bought some batteries at the supermarket and walked quickly to the subway.Am I a
contagious agent? Having just arrived from the North, I went up the escalator with a little sun in my eyes and never went down again. A few days ago I fell and broke my teeth, they are there, they look normal but they are broken inside. Like me and my friends sometimes.But today we meet them on the march and I will not say that I feel zero shame, but much less than these days. Only a few scars are left to heal. I sat on the edge of the window to wait. From that corner I felt the march like an echo. It is that sound that makes me lose in the immensity, and at the same time I feel claustrophobic, I separate myself from everyone, I hope, I record some little sounds, the truth is that I want to be with my friends again in a quiet place, the march stuns me and I drowns, that’s why I love going to record audios, because I can focus on some small sounds for a long time, pay attention among all the euphoria to the minimal gestures, and also to the heartbreaking screams. Does the torn thing hurt more when it furrows the skin or when the claws were removed? It is easy to get distracted and get lost, especially after so many months of not being there. When I think back, the sound of the winter sea is superimposed on a present in which I am grain among the noise of all the bodies, which drown me and protect me. I get lost, I look up to see if the sky is still there. Only my head is loose. Squeezed and motionless in a corner, fingers drained and intertwined, I am relieved to feel my friend’s soft back covering my eyes as I rest my forehead on his shoulder. Escape for a moment from the overwhelming reality. Necessary discharge to land, safety measures How to get out of the sea when there is a storm? We let ourselves go by the hands without resisting. There is something about trust that relaxes us, keeps us together and present. We are here, now, today, all of us, awhile without thinking about other things. We are less and less, more beers, some peanuts, all the songs sound like cumbia, papers and glitter on the asphalt. On the walls, names, signs, complicity, slogans, meows, made phrases, shared feelings, things that I cannot even understand, but I am still here and in many ways it is the best thing I can be doing and I am also tired but I concentrate on listening and it is like a meditation and again I am a drop in a sea letting myself go and the day is almost over and the distances begin.

Ce Pams/Celeste Rojas Mugica/Emilia Martin

Text transcribed literally from words and slogans written on banners, walls, statues and bodies during feminist protests in the public space on March 8 and 9, 2020 in the center of Santiago, Chile.

“Feminismo comunitario es revolución para el mundo la huelga feminista va 8M no se felicita se lucha no más violencia contra la mujer asamblea constituyente ahora cuándo la sangre es de una mujer maltratada la herida es de todas no quiero tu piropo quiero tu respeto juntas y fuertes feministas siempre por todas las que no regresaron no hay medio la historia es nuestra y la hacen los pueblos en Chile se tortura y mata Justicia para Anna Cook somos la voz de las que ya no están vivas libres y sin miedo grito porque nos están matando ni una menos ni mi escote ni mi falda ni la hora son excusas para tu crimen mi cuerpo mis derechos el machismo mata más que el coronavirus no es no wallmapu libre a palabras machistas oídos feministas kill your local macho si vieras con nuestros ojos gritarías por una américa latina feminista comunitaria interseccional y antifascista que muera piñera y no mi compañera mi cuerpo no quiere tu opinión mujer libre se pone de pie y a romper las cadenas de la piel aborto libre seguro y gratuito nos queremos libres no valientes ni una menos yo perreo sola arte urgente somos el ruido de las que ya no tienen voz no es no ctm yo elijo con quien me visto y con quien me desvisto mujeres rebeldes ni el apruebo ni la paridad nos darán la dignidad somos el grito de las que ya no están la revolución es feminista somos poderosas estoy criando guerreras no princesas todas las especies libres o no será libertad veo mujeres libres sin miedo caminando a casa no me visto para ti tu sistema me violenta llegar a casa sana y salva no debería ser un logro, queremos vivir, no sobrevivir no hay perdón ni olvido ley de identidad de género no es suficiente les niñes trans existen no somos competencia juntas somos resistencia valientes fuertes y grandes ignoraron nuestra verdadera estatura hasta que nos vieron de pie nunca más sin nosotras matria secundarias movilizadas ni tuya ni yuta queremos derechos no flores contra el capitalismo y el patriarcado revolución y rebeldía nueva constitución no somos histéricas somos históricas cuando la injusticia se hace ley la rebeldía es obligación. Libres”

Ce Pams/Celeste Rojas Mugica/Emilia Martin

Lorena Lira

On what I did in Mexico and Peru:

I was in charge of the remote coordination of the registry in Lima, to which an additional date corresponded to 8M, the 7th for working women. I made a short team with people close to me who might have the conscience of passing by as a murmur amid the shouts and the assemblies. In the meantime, I headed to Mexico City to march with my companions, who sorely needed me, and also to register there, the march that preceded the first strike of women in history in Mexico. Being able to see the material of both cities and recognize the streets and the voices, the demands and the power of the slogans, for me, is equivalent to being able to march in two cities at the same time and I think it is something that has a lot of power.

Bien Cerca

Under the rough skies
On the violent land
Someone sing

Carmen Soler

THE POEM was a whisper, lilac flags, steps, painted faces, chipas*. The words reverberate in those bodies crossed by the Guaraní, the violence, a March sun. They know it is going to fall, except the hope and tenderness. THE SQUARE exploded with green and slogans: peasant, indigenous, trans, bañadenses, girls who marched for the first time, shouting: Che rete, che mba’e! (My body is mine), Women for the fight, women for the people! They sang free without the usual mandates. THE WHISPER in a corner where complicity does, where wounds also, understanding that laughter and emotion always. Each word is a caress. In a low voice we will break the imposed. THEY were the afternoon who ran away in front of the river, as the only voice that grows and no one stops.

*Traditional cheese and cassava roll

Carolina Guerra

“The 8M in Montevideo assigned myself a couple of slogans for the sound recording in several layers: the intimate, the semi-intimate and the public. Each of these layers had a setpoint and a particular recording mode. I used my tascam to take audio shots in the pre-march meetings, also to take sounds of the march and finally I sent several friends the following message: “Today I am carrying out a special registration for a project in which we collect different sound and visual layers of this 8M. It occurred to me that it would be nice to listen to wsp audios or telegram of friends where they make a statement about this day and sing me their favorite feminist song.

They would be two different audios: One with a statement about this day of strike, and another audio with the feminist song that you like the most. To do at any time of the day, whenever you like. ”