PublicVoices! is a collective sound recording project in the context of public feminist marches in Latin American Countries and Switzerland. We seek to create a cultural heritage through these songs, shouts and whispers and produce a collective knowledge that crosses national borders. ⁣During the feminist manifestations the collective formed by feminist activists from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Switzerland, participated in mobilizations with the purpose of recording sounds and visuals during feminist demonstrations in the streets. ⁣

We are convinced that the feminist movement should not have any barriers but we do not forget the particularities and inequalities that exist for instance between regions, countries and continents. However, we as a group are very aware that we are talking from very different perspectives and about completely different realities in socio-economic and cultural terms. We were intrigued to discover what differences and similarities could be seen in the appropriations of public space. Nevertheless, we are also motivated to exchange experiences, and knowledge related to artistic and activist practices.

Our project arises from asking ourselves:
How does it feel to take public space?
What does change if you are able to speak up?
What does it mean to embody and share such moments of manifestation collectively and individually?
How can we document these moments?
Can we learn from each other?
Who is addressed in the manifestation? Who is excluded?
Which bodies and voices are missing and why?

There are always stereotypes and prefigurations and that is inevitable, but in our exchange, we share the passion for the transformative potentials of art as feminist activism and feminist activism as art. We are convinced about the urgency that feminist voices are heard and respected – also through art and in the field of arts.

This exchange is a challenge – a challenge of sustaining the plurality of voices and finding common ground.

We are building relationships based in a common interest. It is a journey.
We are open to the unexpected.


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Directora: Griselda Flesler @dyeg.fadu
Coordinator Latin America: Violeta García @violgarcia
Coordinator Switzerland: Laura Pregger
Editor: Celeste Rojas Mugica @celeste.purpura


Argentina: #VIVAS @seescuchanvivas
Uruguay: Carolina Guerra Filippini @kebratornillo1312 y Andrea Ghuisolfi @andrea.menea
Chile: Celeste Rojas Mugica, Cepams @cepams y Emilia Martín Espinoza @em_iliamartin
Perú/México: Lorena Lira @gaalaapaagoos @archivoseim
Colombia: Carla Melo @melo.rayaste
Paraguay: Eduardo Barreto, Camila Arcondo, Ruth Cáceres, Jimena Gómez y Cony Oviedo @biencerca
Suiza: Tina Reden, Caroline Ann Baur, Riikka Tauriainen y Vanessà Heer.

 Logo PV! designer: María Carla Mazzitelli @carlamazzitelli

Supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia in the context of its programme «COINCIDENCIA – Swiss & South American Cultural Exchanges