Residencia virtual 2021

Residencia virtual 2021

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Centro de Arte Sonoro (RADIO CASo)

Centro de Arte Sonoro (RADIO CASo) (ARG)

Museo de la Memoria y los DD HH

Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos (CL)

Radio Tsonami

Radio Tsonami (CL)

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Coming soon! Participation in Radio Tsonami *, from Tsonami Festival (Chilean Festival of Sound Art with great international experience) to broadcast a podcast program of Public Voices. Each member has a space to create work freely and to capture the sound of each territory.

* Radio Tsonami is a collaborative radio experimentation project around the possibilities of sound and speech as tools for social communication and artistic exploration.

Parque de la Memoria

Parque de la Memoria (ARG).

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PV! It is part of the 2020 program of the Parque de la Memoria. Since September 2020, our visual and sound installation has been exhibited on the web and will be disseminated on social networks and local media. #ElParqueDesdeCasa