Andrea Ghuisolfi


Dancer, teacher, creator and researcher. She focuses on the multidimensional crossing that unites popular dances with contemporary practices since 2012.

She is part of Colectivo Periférico works in project focus on dance, gender and society. She is centered in the research, creation and teaching of tango, folklore and contemporary dance from a present and dynamic perspective where addresses the technical, cultural, political and emotional aspects that these dances go through. She has taught seminars and theoretical- practical classes in Schools, Universities and Cultural centers in various cities of Uruguay, Argentina and Peru. She has participated in dance festivals in France, Peru, Argentina and Uruguay with several performances. In 2019 she has received the FEFCA grant (MEC Uruguay) to develop an investigation in Peru with an ethnographic focus on the traditional dances that are danced in the Uruguayan region and the relation with the Latin American cultural route. She works in the production of various projects on gender, society, community, improvisation, creation, writing and research around dance; Danzas comunes, Bailando la Palabra, Milonpeñas, Milongas Íntimas, Pericóntra, 360 residencias creativas, 360 diálogos sobre danza and Desborde, improvisation meetings of music and dance. It is part of the collective Insurrectción de lo sensible and Revolviendo la Polenta

Carla Melo Gampert

Bogota, Colombia.

Visual artist and animator. She studied Cinema at Javeriana University in Bogotá and at Torcuato di Tella University in Buenos Aires.

Her undergraduate thesis was an animation drawn frame by frame, directed and produced by herself, titled POR AHORA UN CUENTO (2018). It premiered internationally at the Annecy Festival and festivals such as Dok Leipzig, FicValdivia among others. In 2019 she delved into audiovisual practices at the Congo Films School in Bogota, where she made her first fiction short film: Noise. That same year, in Buenos Aires, she was part of the Cinema Program of the Torcuato di Tella University. She also attended assembly / writing workshops in imaginary project. She is currently developing LA PERRA, her first professional animation, produced by Evidencia Films. A drawn short film that portrays the discomfort of a girl in a country like Colombia, when she reaches adolescence. A discomfort that turns into a nightmare, between guilt and vulnerability. In parallel, she makes animated video clips, works for animated short films, designs the graphic identity of films, dance and theater works.

Carolina Guerra


Performer, choreographer and Contemporary Dance teacher.

Born in Montevideo-Uruguay in 1982. Performer, choreographer and Contemporary Dance teacher. In the last years she has been working on projects related to choreography, archive and writing. She created the dance practices archive “Pasá la práctica” ; the publication “El libro de la danza uruguaya”, and the performances: “Caravana Sísmica” and “Prácticas manieristas”. She has presented her performances in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, the Netherlands, Portugal, Austria and Uruguay. Is part of Liga Tensa collective (Uruguay-México) with which develops an investigation on urban demonstrations from a choreographic perspective; and also is part of the choreographic-political collective Bailamos Siempre las misma Canciones. She has been teaching dance since 2008. She has taught workshops in Uruguay, Mexico, Austria, the United States and Brazil. In 2009 she obtained the danceWeb grant to study in Austria and in 2017 the FEFCA creation grant from Uruguayan Culture Ministry.

Caroline Ann Baur


She is a visual artist and author, who works with sound, text, performance and installations.

Born in St.Gallen in 1986, she lives and works in Zurich. She is a visual artist and author, who works with sound, text, performance and installations. Depending on the context, she usually experiments with different organic material, like latex, wood, wool or textile. Her work deals with topics like labor, gender, climate and symbolic orders. In 2017 she completed her Masters in Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in cultural studies and philosophy in 2014. She has published several articles on art, music, social topics and leftwing politics. From 2016 to 2020 she was member of the raum*station collective, a project space for discursive and performative art.

Ce Pams


Audiovisual Producer with a Diploma in Sound Art. Her work focuses on the trial and error method, a spontaneous, intuitive, experimental and exploratory search process.

She has exhibited and participated in experimental sound encounters in Chile, Peru and Mexico (Tsonami Sound Art Festival, Valparaíso. Perrera Art Experimental Center, Santiago. Pacific Festival, Lima. Chachapoyas Contemporary Art Festival, Chachapoyas, Peru. UMBRAL, CDMX TOKIO Gallery, Lima), and has shown his audiovisual work at Matucana 100 (Concrete Gallery, 2013) and Küzefest Fulldome Exhibition at the Planetarium of Santiago in 2019. She lives and works in Santiago de Chile, developing audiovisual and sonorous art projects.

Celeste Rojas Mugica


She is a visual artist, a degree in Photography and a Postgraduate degree in Cinema. In his work he investigates the forms of memory construction and aspects of the recent political history of South America.

She was born in Chile in 1987. In her work she explores photography and uses archives to think about its social uses and the limits between fiction and document. She has exhibited and published her work in Latin America, Europe and Asia. Throughout her career she has received the FONDART Funds (Chile); BECAR Culture and National Endowment for the Arts (Argentina); Deutsch Art Council (Italy); among others. Her work has been recognized with the National Awards for Young Photography (Chile, 2017); Buenos Aires Young Art Biennial Award (Argentina, 2017) and Biennial Award for Moving Image (Argentina, 2018). Lives and works between Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago de Chile. She is represented by the Rolf Art Gallery.

Emilia Martín Espinoza


Audiovisual producer specializes in direction of photography and still-photography.

She is an audiovisual producer with a degree in film and television from the University of Chile. She has worked mainly in the direction of photography and still-photography. She has worked on projects that have been shown at festivals such as La Biennale di Venezia, San Sebastián Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival (TIFF), Havana Film Festival, FIC Valdivia, Indie Lisboa, Festival of Poitiers Cinema, among others, winning award for the best Latin American short film at the 25 ’FIC Valdivia, award in memory of Ingmar Bergman at the Uppsala Short Film Festival and a special mention by the NEST jury at the San Sebastian Film Festival. She has made audiovisual pieces for plays, music videos and artist projects. She lives and works in Santiago de Chile and is currently developing as a director of photography the pre-production and research stage of a documentary feature film.

Griselda Flesler


Professor in Design and Gender Studies at Architecture and Design Faculty-University of Buenos Aires.

Born in Mar del Plata, Argentina in 1976. Graphic designer and Specialist in Communication Design Theory and Master in Communication Design (FADU-UBA). PhD student in Cs. Social-UBA. Professor in Design and Gender Studies and of the postgraduate courses “Design, Feminist Theory and Gender Studies” and “Gender Perspective at the University” (FADU-UBA ) Head of the Gender Office FADU-UBA. General Director of “Public Voices”, a project supported by Coincidencia-Pro Helvetia (Swiss Foundation for Culture). Co-director of design and gender project supported by Gendered Design in STEAM for LMICs from Carleton University-Canada. Member of the IPHI Award committee of the International Gender Design Network. Since 1998 she is a university teacher. She has been invited to teach classes at different Argentine and foreign universities. He published various works on design and genre.

Laura Pregger


Curator and Master in Art Education with a focus on institutional critique and emancipatory education.

Born in 1984 in Basel. Lives and works in Basel. Curator and Master in Art Education with a focus on institutional critique and emancipatory education. She leads the question: How to imagine and live public institutions otherwise. Laura Pregger works as a lecturer and mentor at the Hyperwerk Institute of the Basel University of the Arts and is a founding member of the „feministisches Streikkomitee Basel“. She is Coordinator of Public Voices!

Lorena Lira

México // Perú

She is particularly interested in the amateurs ways of thinking and working on video and sound using footage, field recordings, and internet downloads

Born in 1995 in Mexico City. She moves with interest in the mnemic becoming of cultural representations in sound, audiovisual and plastic. She is particularly interested in the amateurs ways of thinking and working on video and sound using footage, field recordings, and internet downloads. She seeks to link video with visual arts, the collective, the pedagogical, the living arts, the cinema (sometimes) and the everyday.
She has generated projects in disciplines such as clothing design, art direction for fashion and editorial publications, research and writing of papers about sound subjectivity, sound in memory and soundscape recording. She has done sound design for theater, short films and music videos direction, painting, design and collage, installation and more recently ceramics.
Into audiovisual arts Lorena’s work seeks to approach dissident and minority bodies’ experience within environmental and social problems frequently in line with fantasy, imagination, the dreamlike and the ironic. Into visual and plastic arts she usually approaches social and historical themes from a contemporary and urban vision. On the other hand, in sound her practice is interested in cultural anthropology in a self-taught way, often from the influence of the digital and the colloquial. Her audiovisual work has been presented at local and international festivals, she has made music videos and has developed projects in textile design, clothing and editorial art direction.
She resides since 2016 outside of Mexico City in Argentina and is currently working in Lima, Peru.

Riikka Tauriainen

Finland // Switzerland

In her installations, videos and performances, she explores history, postcolonial theories and gender issues.

Born in Oulu, Northern Finland in 1979. Lives and works in Zurich. In her installations, videos and performances, she explores history, postcolonial theories and gender issues. In more recent works she often reflects her own anthropocentrism. The series of works titled «Hydrocommons – Watery Bodies and Fluid Exchange» is based on the idea that humans are connected through water as a ‘medium’ with both living and dead matter. Riikka Tauriainen has lived ten years in Zurich, where she completed her masters degree at the Zurich University of the Arts.

Tina Reden


She is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Zurich. In her practice she explores the role of active listening.

Born in 1991 in Zurich, she is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Zurich. She studied at the Zurich University of the Arts and at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. In her practice she explores the role of active listening – both as a metaphor and as a concrete, sound-specific practice. She explores sound improvisations, rituals, storytelling or listening sessions as possible places for decolonial, queer feminist and mindful practices – always trying to integrate discursive situations and initiate moments of being together.

Vanessà Heer


She is an interdisciplinary artist working with sound based practices and shared listening.

Born in St.Gallen in 1989, lives and work in Zurich. She is an interdisciplinary artist working with sound based practices and shared listening. In different contexts, collaborations and spaces she explores the political and ethical possibilities of conscious listening and how it can be used as a feminist, decolonial and sustainable tool. In both her performative and her installative works, she constantly oriented towards questions of commonality, collaboration, the dissolving authorship, and the challenges of self-precarization.

Violeta García


Cellist, composer and improviser with eclectic musical knowledge.

She has a degree from the National University of Arts with a specialization in cello. He also completed the Composition Degree at the Manuel de Falla Music Conservatory, directed by Ricardo Capellano and a Technician in Musical Arts from the Conservatory of the City of Buenos Aires “Astor Piazzolla”. Violeta focuses her work on sound work from the extended, expanded, prepared and amplified cello.
From an early age she has held workshops on free improvisation and cello with: Willem Schulz, Tristan Honsinger, Hank Roberts and Tony Malaby, Jacques Morelembaum, Stanimir Todorov, among others. He received various scholarships and attended international composition and performance residencies: Williams Foundation Scholarship to attend Art Omi (USA); Ibermusicas composition scholarship at Konvent (ESP); FNA III and IV Improvisation and Composition meeting in Bariloche and in the CCK and Creation Grant; Music Master with Diego Schissi (CCK), Pro Helvetia coincidence sustenance to develop the project Public Voices!. For more than ten years she developed hers own projects and she released albums and toured internationally: Nicotina is Primavera, Blanco Teta, Domina Tango, Monótonos Truenos, VVU, El devenir del Río, among others. In 2017 she founded an Argento-Colombo-Peruvian label (record-independent) called TVL-REC and she curated the experimental music cycle called Te Veré Llorar in the city of Buenos Aires for six years now. She also collaborated with dance, theater and music companies for film and performing arts: Compañía Nacional de Danza Contemporánea de Buenos Aires, Reverso Company from Uruguay with which she has traveled to various theater festivals in Latin America (Brazil, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Mexico), Mountaineer-Cinema, etc.



Mutant Collective, their work focus on registration, archives, intervention and dissemination of transfeminist manifestations.

It is a mutant collective nucleated in the city of Buenos Aires. It emerged in 2016 as a space to promote the expression and registration of the movement of women, travas, trans and non-binaries that began to be on the agenda in Buenos Aires since the emergence of #niunamenos in 2015 and the first national strike of women on October 2016. Their work focus on transfeminist sound demonstrations. It has a collaborative sound bank that functions as a historical public archive of field records of social protests in various parts of the world and of expression and debate activities generated within the framework of #vivas. Also, it works as a platform for creation and dissemination (physical and virtual) of performances and sounds. Activities, workshops, performances, installations and conferences have been held in areas of Buenos Aires such as CCK, CCSM, CCR and CNB and CA2M in Madrid. The #vivas participants are countless and intermittent and form a network of nodes throughout Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Spain, France and Germany, among other countries.



BIEN CERCA (So close) is a Collective of intimate poetry in public places.

Camila Arcondo (Asunción, 1999).
Psychology student. She published poems in anthologies of short stories and against the dictatorship (2016-2017).

Edu Barreto (Asunción, 1978)
Graphic designer, university teacher, LGBT activist and poet Marika.

Ruth Cáceres (Luque, 1987)
Audiovisual producer, editor and screenwriter. I like to tell stories that transforms.

Jimena Gómez (Asunción, 1990)
Poet and woman who thinks like a dragon.

Cony Oviedo (Villeta, 1987)
Feminist poet, communicator and popular educator.